Exclusivity in the spirit of uniqueness!

We develop new living spaces on old industrial sites.

Best location - best conditions

imetas specializes in project developments on attractive conversion sites in waterfront locations.

Project developments are exciting, complex, demanding and leave their own footprint for decades. This requires us to take on sustainable responsibility. The development of new addresses in locations with former commercial uses requires visions for realizable ideas. We have repeatedly proven that we can do this and are continuously inspired by people to create new places to live and work to everyone's satisfaction. High-quality architecture with well thought-out spaces and materials as well as customer-specific adaptations are a matter of course for us.

In addition to the sustainable elimination of previous uses on the development sites, our projects focus on sustainable energy concepts for future uses.

What we have already done

Oval am Kaiserkai

Harbour City, Hamburg, Germany

  • ~3,100 sqm, 30 Residential and 34 Garage units
  • Architect: Ingenhoven Architects Düsseldorf
  • Awards: 2009 Hamburg Building of the year
    •       2010 BDA Hamburg Award
  • Partner: imetas, Primus, Ingenhoven, Kai 18
  • The first high-rise in Hafencity presents on the visual axes like a sculpture. The apartments behind the wave-shaped facade face west toward the river and Elbe philamony. The east mirror facade visually dissolves any massiveness.


Bremerhaven, Germany

  • ~4,100 sqm, 37 Residential and 45 Garage units
  • Architect: Martin Hecht Architecture, Hamburg
  • Awards:
    • 2001 MIPIM Award 2nd. price, Cannes, France
    • 2002 BDA Bremen Notified
  • Partner: imetas, Hansegrund
  • On an artificial headland of a former tank depot and ship equipment, Germany's first approved residential construction in an active seaport area. Directly on the North Sea coast, 25m foundation piles Shipbuilding technology for flood protection was required.

Fördeterrassen 1 - 5

Kiel, Germany

  • ~5.800 sqm, 45  Residential and 75 Garage units in 5 buildings
  • Architect: Konrath-Wennemar Architecture, Düsseldorf
  • Partner: imetas
  • The 1st construction phase on the former military quarters directly on the Kiel Fjord comprises of 5 buildings with underground garages. The 16m foundation piles are combined with probes for the geothermal heat pumps.

Fördeterrassen 6 - 9

Kiel, Germany

  • ~5,200 sqm, 47  Residential and 55 Garage units in 4 buildings
  • Architect: Czerner-Götsch Architecture, Hamburg
  • Partner: imetas, BPB
  • In the 2nd construction phase of the military conversion, 4 houses with a common underground parking garage were built. Geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaics are also installed here. Each apartment has a view of the Kiel Fjord.

Kontor am Kaiserkai Harbour City Hamburg, Germany

  • ~3,900 sqm office and retail and 24 Garage units
  • Architect: Ingenhoven Architects Düsseldorf
  • Partner: imetas, Primus, Ingenhoven, Kai 18 

Neues Wallufer  1 - 4

Lübeck, Germany

  • ~5,100 sqm, 48  Residential and 75 Garage units in 4 buildings
  • Architect: KBNK & Heine Architecture, Hamburg
  • Partner: imetas, Primus, B&L-Group
  • The historic inner city of Lübeck is only 5 minutes away on foot. On a partial area of an old gas works on the banks of the Trave, 4 multi-family houses with flood protection were built in a first construction phase of the conversion development.


Hamburg, Germany

  • ~3,500 sqm, 10 Duplex + 28  Residential  units in 2 buildings
  • Architect: Architecture Martin Hecht, Hamburg
  • Partner: imetas
  • Nominated for 2013 IBA (International Building Exibition)
  • Duplex: solid wood construction with reed facade.
    Apartment buildings: 7 stories all-wood construction with concrete development core, Coran facade.
  • Project has not yet been realized.


Bremerhaven, Germany

  • ~1,250 sqm, 10  Residential and 12 Garage units
  • Architect: inhouse imetas
  • Partner: imetas
  • The project is being built directly in front of the dike in the flood zone on the North Sea coast on a former tank depot site.
  • Due to dike protection measures, the project has not yet been realized.

Blankeneser Treppenviertel

Hamburg, Germany

  • ~450 sqm, 2 Townhouses + 4 Garage units
  • Architect: DFZ Architecture, Hamburg
  • Partner: imetas
  • In the famous historic quarter directly on the River Elbe, new buildings are rare and have to be planned and constructed with great sensitivity to the surroundings and the residents.

DockIsland on the Fishharbour

Hamburg, Germany

  • ~3,650 sqm, Floating Eventlocation
  • Architect: Trabitsch-Dittrich Architecture, Hamburg
  • Partner: DockIsland development GmbH
  • In the famous historic harbour on the River Elbe, this project is to be planned and constructed with great sensitivity to the surroundings and the residents.
  • Due to the Covid-19 measures, the event project has been put on hold for now            until planning certainty returns.