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imetas, a pioneer among project developers

The waterfront sites where port operations, industrial production facilities, power plants or military barracks performed their tasks in former times, are where we feel at home today. It is our profession to decontaminate such often heavily polluted and excellently located areas in order to develop new living and working spaces there.

People as the focus and guiding spirit for groundbreaking developments

imetas has been developing high-quality residential and commercial projects directly on the waterfront, predominantly on conversion sites, since 2000.

Due to the challenging topic of combining living spaces with the special "genius loci" of the respective location, all people involved in the planning and construction are challenged with their ideas and experiences. Because success depends on how well we communicate with our customers and partners. When you build, you create something that will last for many years and it should retain its feel-good character and security of value.

This obliges us to be particularly sensitive to the surrounding nature, the neighbors, environmentally improving soil remediation, forward-looking, high-quality architecture, energy-efficient planning and building with regenerative energy supplies. The mixture of environmental awareness, individuality and exclusivity characterize all imetas projects - houses with which their users identify and high value retention are the goal.

Exclusivity in the sense of uniqueness.

Data & Facts


  • Founding: January 2000 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Core business:
    • Real estate development on conversion areas
    • Asset management
    • Soil remediation of conversion sites
  • Countries of activities:
    • Germany 2000
    • Netherlands 2000
    • Scandinavia 2003
    • Canada 2018
  • Headquarters of the company:
    • Germany: Hamburg 
    • Canada: Victoria BC
  • Managing Director: Dipl.Ing.oec.  Heiner Kropp

Track record:

  • Developed land areas: approx. 155,000 sqm
  • Developed residential units: approx. 930
  • Of which residential units built under own management: approx. 285
  • Developed commercial space: Approx. 45,000 sqm
  • Of which built/refurbished under own management: approx. 30,000 sqm
  • Commercial properties management portfolio: approx. 110,000 sqm
  • Sales volume since 2000: approx. € 510 million


  • Development Awards:
    • 2001 2nd pl intern. MIPIM-Award Residential “Weserterrassen”
    • 2009 Hamburg Building of the year, “Oval am Kaiserkai”
    • 2010 BDA-Award Hamburg, “Oval am Kaiserkai”
    • 2011 Nomination Intern. Building Expo Hamburg, “Waterhouses”

  • References: www.imetas.ca / www.imetas.com
  • Latest milestone: 2021 Cooportation with Green Engineering Company Geobality Canada (www.geobality.ca).


A windproof and experienced crew is required to manage the complex operations of a development from A-Z.


Heiner Kropp
Dipl. Ing.oec. 
Founder / Managing Director

Mail contact: hk@imetas.com

Heiner Kropp is the managing director of imetas. He founded the company in 2000 at its headquarter in Hamburg.

His enthusiasm for real estate emerged during his studies for a degree in industrial engineering at the University of Hamburg. More than 30 years of professional experience in all facets of the real estate industry form a solid basis for his know-how and network.

Even the first projects were developed on contaminated conversion sites. The complex interrelationships of soil remediation, planning, construction technology, environmental and construction law, and commercial calculations have led to a wealth of experience in the large number of projects developed since then.

Already in 2007 he set impulses for the use of energy efficient geo- and solar thermal energy for heat supply in the imetas projects. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and construction methods in project developments.

Since 2018, his focus has been on using truly biological and cost-efficient methods to develop contaminated building sites that could not be remediated using previous methods, or could only be remediated uneconomically. This has given rise to the Geobality idea with independent environmental companies in 2021.

Since then, the cooperation between imetas and Geobality has been working on the first projects in Canada.

An experienced crew of internal and external crew members ensures that there are always enough "all hands on deck" to keep the respective project on course and to successfully and safely use wind and current for the success of the projects.


The targeted support of future generations is very important to us. Whether it is sailing or health, we open our hearts to it.

imetas Canada Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada